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Women’s Weightlifting: Philippines’ Kristel Macrohon captures gold

December 4, 2019- A sensational 71-kilogram Women’s Weightlifting category featured the Philippine’s Kristel Macrohon bagging the Gold Medal with a closely-knit podium finish against Thi Van Nguyen of Vietnam at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum.

Macrohon lifted a total of 216kg, with a Final Clean and Jerk lift of 123kg which was crucial to land the Gold Medal spot for the host country.

Vietnam’s Silver Medal finisher Nguyen Thi Van came up with a combined total of 214kg yet was unable to complete the potential Gold Medal clincher for the 125kg lift.

The waves of tension filled the Rizal Memorial Coliseum as Macrohon spoiled what was potentially Vietnam’s Gold Medal clincher. Macrohon completed the Final Clean and Jerk and unfortunately for the Vietnam faithful, the result was otherwise.

The Bronze Medal belonged to Indonesia’s Tsabitha Ramandai with a lift total of 203kg.

It was truly a day to remember for Women’s Weightlifting in the Philippines as Macrohon proved that with great heart, unwavering focus and the will to win, dreams do become reality.

Total Scores:

Gold: Kristel Macrohon (Philippines) – 216

Silver: Thi Van Nguyen (Vietnam) – 214

Bronze: Tsabitha Ramadani (Indonesia) – 203

Jabriella Samuel (Malaysia) – 181

Zin Mar Aye (Myanmar) – 175

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