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Women’s Cycling: Philippines’ Jermyn Prado finishes with Gold Medal in Road Event Time Trial

December 5, 2019- The tremendous effort of the Philippine’s Jermyn Prado landed her the country’s long-awaited Gold Medal in Cycling for the Women’s Time Trial event of the 30th Southeast Asian Games in Tagaytay City.

It was a comfortable lead gained by Prado at a time of 44:44.742. This gave her the four-second edge over Silver Medal finisher Yiwei Luo of Singapore with a 44:48.518 time.

The Bronze Medal was earned by Thailand’s Phetdarin Somrat with a finishing time of 44:58.152

Total Results of Women’s Cycling (Time Trial Event):

Gold Medal: Jermyn Prado (Philippines)- 44:44.742

Silver Medal: Yiwei Luo (Singapore)- 44:48.518

Bronze Medal: Phetdarin Somrat (Thailand)- 44:58.518

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