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Special’ gov’t service eligibility for nat’l athletes proposed

MANILA -- National athletes will have a chance to acquire “special” professional and sub-professional eligibility soon if one is to base it on Wednesday’s discussions between the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) and the Civil Service Commission (CSC).


In the courtesy visit at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, CSC Commissioner Aileen Lizada proposed the possibility of granting CSC eligibility to national athletes who have achieved podium finishes on PSC-recognized international competitions.


“With the success of our national athletes in recent competitions, we wanted to honor their achievements and legacy with plans on issuing special eligibility, which will help them in their future endeavors as Filipino citizens,” Lizada said in a news release.


PSC Chairman William Ramirez thanked the CSC for the initiative in support of the country’s national athletes.


“This future development will not only recognize their success but will also help them as they serve the country through sports, may it be in local government units and the national government,” Ramirez said.


He added that the crafting of terms of this future agreement shall be derived from the existing policies of Republic Act (RA) 6847, or the Philippine Sports Commission Act, and RA 2260, also known as Civil Service Act of 1959.


“The terms and conditions of the agreement are yet to be determined, but we are positive that with special laws and issuance policies from the CSC, our athletes will be granted eligibility,” Ramirez said.

Under the Civil Service Act, sub-professional eligibility qualifies applicants for first-level positions, such as clerical, trade, and custodial service positions that require less than four years of college education.


On the other hand, professional eligibility qualifies one for first- and second-level positions, such as professional, technical, and scientific positions that require four years of college education.


Last year, Ramirez signed a memorandum of agreement with the Social Security System to ensure the protection of all national athletes and coaches. (PR)


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