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Pencak Silat: Wulandari earns TKO victory, claims gold for Indonesia

December 5, 2019 – Suci Wulandari scored a TKO victory to give Indonesia a gold medal in the women’s tanding class A finals in pencak silat.

Wulandari get the victory over Thailand’s Firdao Duromae at the Subic Bay Exhibit and Convention Center, who get silver instead.

Singapore’s Atiq Syazwani Binte Roslan and Vietnam’s Pham Thi Tuoi shared the third place platform after reaching the semifinals.

Pham clinched the bronze after Duromae won the first semifinal with a 3-2 close fight for a assured silver medal finish.

The Singaporean meanwhile lost to eventual winner Wulandari in the second semifinal in a 4-1 showcase.

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