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Men’s Kayak: Indonesia snags Gold after Ryondra Maizir’s remarkable performance

December 9, 2019- Indonesia’s Ryondra Maizir paddled his way to a remarkable Gold Medal, finishing 2.777 seconds ahead of Tran Van Vu of Vietnam of the Men’s 1000M Singles at the 30th Southeast Asian Games at Subic Bay Freeport, Philippines.

It was a closely contested race as both Maizir and Vu went down to the wire. Fortunately for the Indonesian Maizir, his 03:55.841 was enough to pommel against Vietnam’s Vu who recorded a time of 03:58.618.

This gave Maizir that extra push toward bagging the highest seed at the podium.

Thailand’s Praison Busamborg bagged the Bronze Medal after a 04:10.083 outing.

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