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Men’s fencing: Thailand eke out vs. Malaysia in indy foil

December 4, 2019 – Thailand staged a comeback against Malaysia to claim the gold medal in men’s individual foil on the second day of fencing competitions at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

Thai fencer Chornnasun Mayakarn defeated Malaysian Hans Yoong in a close fashion, 15-14, to get the championship.

Yoong dominated the early game, and for the first three minutes handed Mayakarn a five-point deficit, 11-6.

Mayakarn however staged an epic comeback in the second bout, limiting the Malaysian to just three hits in a dramatic fashion.

Yoong, who earned a red card on the end game, tried to finish the fight on his favor but the Thai made two quick attacks that dictated the match up.

Joshua Ian Lim of Singapore and Nathaniel Perez of the Philippines both finished with the bronze as they reached the semifinals of the tournament.

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