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Jonas Sultan is "ready to rumble"

By Homer D. Sayson

NEW YORK. Making weight is often a boxer's nightmare as he tries to balance the meals he eats with the work he puts out in training.

So many fights have been lost at the dreaded weighing scale.

Jonas Sultan did not have such worries when he climbed the scales for his bantamweight showdown against undefeated Puerto Rican Carlos Caraballo at 10 am tomorrow morning at the Hlul theater inside the Madison Square Garden.

The 29-year old from Zamboanga City tipped in at a lean and mean 117.6 pounds, well below the bantamweight division threshold.

 After successfully making weight, Sultan retreated to his room at the Stewart Hotel on 7th avenue where he ate like King Farouk and feasted on some spaghetti, fruits and "bulalo."

"His body has recovered and has been appropriately nourished," said Junnie Navarro, who co-manages Sultan alongside Mike Valenzuela of the famed Zamboanga Valientes .

"Jonas' opponent is tough," Navarro said of Caraballo who will also enjoy some home arena advantage in the Big Apple which boasts of a thick population of boxing diehard Puerto Ricans.

But there is plenty of confidence to rally behind Sultan.

An inch shorter at 5-foot-4, Sultan (17-5, 11 KOs), enjoys a 2-inch reach advantage over his foe. And he is vastly more experienced with a record that includes past brawls with top caliber pros such as John Riel Casimero and Jerwin Ancajas, both reigning champions.

"Our guy is ready to rumble," declared Sean Gibbons, the president of Manny Pacquiao Promotions who was recently in Puerto Rico to attend a summit among the heads of all the reputable boxing organizations in the world --- the WBA, WBC, WBO and IBF.

"Jonas trained extremely hard for this fight and there is a lot to be said about his commitment to his craft. If he can weather what we expect to be an early storm and drag Caraballo in the deeper rounds, Jonas has a great chance to win."

One thing for sure, though. No matter the outcome Jonas Sultan will represent our country and flag with all he's got.  



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