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James De los Santos finishes first in Katana League 3

MANILA – James De los Santos solidified his status as the world's No. 1 e-kata player after ruling the Katana Intercontinental League # 3 on Monday.

De los Santos beat longtime rival Matias Domont of Switzerland, 27.4-26.38, in the finals.

He first ruled a four-way battle against American Alfredo Bustamante, Norweigan Cornelius Johnsen, and Frenchman Remi Bonneau to set up the gold medal match against Domont, who had to win a five-man match in the other pool.

With his 14th gold medal for the year, De los Santos also achieved a personal milestone.

"I realized that in addition to last year, I've already reached an overall total of 50 gold medals from competing virtually," he said.

De los Santos won 36 golds last year, fast-tracking his soar to the top spot in the e-kata rankings.

However, it's not yet the end of the road for De los Santos as he eyes more e-kata wins.

"On to more!" he said.








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