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James De Los Santos captures 10th gold in E-Karate World Series Edition 2

MANILA – Filipino karateka James De Los Santos is once again a winner for the 10th time this year as he took the gold in the E-Karate World Series Edition 2.

De Los Santos, however, won the final against South Africa's Silvio Cerone-Biagioni in the manner no one wanted to happen.

The judges did not approve Cerone-Biagioni's routine for the gold medal match, giving De Los Santos, whose video performance was accepted, the forfeiture win.

The veto brought Cerone-Biagioni's effort to make the final, in which he beat Kevin Pfannenstiel of Germany in the first round and Vasilakis Konstantinos of Greece in the semifinals, into naught.

Meanwhile, De Los Santos, who got a first round bye and edged world number two Matias Domont of Switzerland in the semis, vows to continue on with the fight to solidify his world number one ranking.

"Nowhere to go but forward!" he said on Monday. (PNA)








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