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Fencing: Singapore, Philippines grab team event golds

December 7, 2019 – Singapore and host Philippines wins the finals of the team event of fencing at the World Trade Center in Pasay.

Singapore dominated Thailand in their final matchup at the men’s team foil event as they took the gold medal.

The team of Darren Tan Jun Hao, Kevin Jerrold Tan, and Jet Shang Fei Ng dominated Thailand throughout the entire competition, 45-29.

Chornnasun Mayakarn, Suppakorn Sritang-orn, and Phatthanaphong Srisawat was no match against the attacks and defenses of Singapore’s trio.

Contrastingly, it was a comeback moment for the Philippines as they denied Singapore a sweep in Saturday’s event.

Harlene Raguin, Hanniel Abella, and Anna Gabriella Estimada trimmed the lead and never looked back to take the gold medal, 45-36.

It was Raguin who overturned the swelling Singapore lead to win her bout 35-31.

Abella, facing a familiar foe in Kiria Tikanah Abdul Rahman, added 10 more to give Philippines the win.

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