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Abahan eyes Obstacle Course Race world championships

BAGUIO CITY– Elite long-distance runner and South East Asian Games (SEAG) gold medalist in obstacle course race (OCR) Sandi Menchi Abahan is gearing up for the World Championships this year.

A full house schedule this year would allow Abahan the preparation she needs for the world championship set on Oct. 2-4 in the United States.

Abahan is set to join the Spartan race in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam on February 15 where there will be 20 obstacles in a five-kilometer race.

Abahan is trying to improve her time in the race as she awaits word if it will be included in the 31st SEAG in Vietnam next year.

But still, the proud product of the Cordillera Administrative Region Athletic Association (CARAA) meet will try to join more OCR races including the Spartan Trifecta World Championship set in Sparta, Greece on Nov. 6-8.

Abahan is an elite trail runner and is considered a top-notch Filipina athlete in the sport where she has won national and international competitions including the Kinabalu run in Malaysia.

Her move to OCR stemmed from her desire to win a medal in the SEAG, a decision that has paid off.

She also needs to increase her speed in navigating obstacles so she can compete in the bigger and more challenging field like the world championship.

OCR requires a competitor to overcome physical challenges like obstacles on foot.

Among the more popular competitions are the Spartan Race and the American Ninja Warrior.

Meanwhile, Abahan is expected to return to Chamonix, France in late August to join the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc in the Sur le Traces des Ducs de Savoie category which she joined in 2017.

Abahan is expected to compete with another local ultra runner Miguel Carranza where they will compete in the event that is 145 km-long featuring nine 100 meters ascent. (PNA)

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